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Your Euro 2012 Ante Post Bets

Discussion in 'Euro 2012 betting' started by Punter, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    Ive just done a Germany/Gomez double at 10-1 and was a bit puzzled why Coral were so big but have just seen that theyre 7-4 Gomez....which I think is actually a better bet than the 6s before he scored twice v Holland.hmmm

    ONEDUNME Administrator


    Laid Russia for my stake back at 13/1 (no doubt it would have been much lower than that during their last game before they went a goal down) but the price for France has actually gone out, even though they are through to the next round, given that they are playing Spain, so I'm stuck with a bet for them to get through to the next round (unlikely) before I can lay off.

    Layed a little of my England bet off (was 16s, can now be laid at 9s) but I've kept the bulk of it and balanced it with a Draw no bet bet on Italy at 10/11. Italy win = I get my whole stake back. England win, I lose a bit but the price contracts to enable me to lay for the rest of my stake back (plus Italy DNB losses). Draw and I'm back where I started before the game and will see how it plays in running.

    Portugal 22/1 can now be laid at 7/1, so that's a good un.

    Plus I've still got my Gomez top scorer ew 6/1 bet going. I wasn't going to lay any off but decided to lay some and reinvest on Torres and Ronaldo so a win for either and Gomez placed would be OK for me. Of course, if someone else wins, I'm in a "negative profit" situation on that market but who cares?

    I backed Italy at 16s for a bit when there were rumours that they may pull out, so I can lay that (at 9s) for a free run and I backed Germany at 7/2 with a view to laying but I'm now of the opinion that they are the best team there and it's a keeper. Spain were my big lay (not because they can't win but because the price is stupidly short). They win and I'm down on the tournament, no two ways about that. The price is only shortening from here unless they go a goal down in one of their remaining days.

    Well done on your Greece to qualify bet Colbro:thumb

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Five minutes to kick off and the price on Spain to win is not looking as "stupid" as I thought it was a month ago.

    I've lost money on my France, England and Germany bets (won enough back in-play to cover those losses) and now the moment of truth arrives. The equation is simple for me, Spain win and I lose money. Italy and I win money. The potential loss is a lot greater than the potential win.

    As far as my goalscorer bet goes, I obviously need Balotelli not to score and one of the Spanish players on two goals not to score two (or even one really as it reduces my return as it increases the dead heat.

    So 30 games played and after all the ups and downs of my antepost bets, the bottom line is that I would have been better off not placing a single bet and just backing Italy tonight to lift the trophy:lol

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