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Only Football & Horses

Cheers Sean, i thought they were going to blow it at one point but they held on for a 4-3 win.
Returned 191.84

A good time to bank some again now.
Banked 110.00
Total Banked 260.00

AC Milan to beat Cagliari
81.84 @ 1.52
Thanks RC

Change of plan, cashed out the AC Milan bet for same amount.

Newcastle to beat Sheffield Utd
81.84 @ 1.47
Ha, yes, cheers Sean. It's nice when they are not nail biting endings!

Returned 120.30

I'm not going to go back to the AC Milan bet on Wednesday. Bad Voodoo vibes after already cashing out, so as i could back Newcastle.
Back for another go soon.
Down on bet 11. Luton win 2-1

This run
Staked 20
Banked 260

I've got to be honest, i dont really like betting like this, there's no excitement to it at all. Not like coming from off the pace to get your nose down on the line, final stride sort of excitement.
But I will start another one this weekend, though i am expecting shorter prices from now on. Bookies will be more on it regarding top teams. I think i found some value prices this early run, allowing me to bank sooner than expected.

I'm going to mention Hereford one last time while i'm here, too. Despite being down in 16th, we are still only 7pts behind the league leaders and i'm still confident that we are going to finish top 3.
Still lots of positives going on at the club despite the slow start and we've added a few players of quality of late.
The football has been getting better. One thing Manager Paul Caddis has done is keep our two main strikers back, pretty much making out that they are injured. Andy Williams and Jason Cowley have 2 appearances combined in the opening 10 league games. Chairman has confirmed that they are being paid 40% of our entire squad budget! We are expecting big things from Jason Cowley, we think we are lucky to have him. He should be playing in the football league. Non league he has 246 appearances, 184 goals.

Less than a quarter of the season gone, 7pts from top, 40/1 is a massive each way price.
Back to back losers at odds and i dont really fancy anything in the price range this weekend so for the first time in ages i'm hitting the races tonight instead :dance


Beyond Words - Win at 15/8
Daydream Express - EW @ 15/2

Clotherholme - Win @ 15/2
Tathmeen - EW @ 11/1

He's an Angel - Win @ 15/2
Bella Kopella - EW @ 10/1


Local Girl - Win @ 7/2
Rival Queen - EW @ 30/1

Sweetest Rose - Win @ 6/1
Sheyya - EW @ 9/1

Caulaincourt - Win @ 4/1
Great Cat Mau - EW @ 35/1
Yeah. I got a couple of places up and didnt use my full bank so a bit left and just in time to follow your first bet and have a football punt too. Good luck today mate :thumb

Madame Ambassador @ 16/1
Lady Alara @ 7/1

E.W singles

Brackley to beat Scunthorpe @ 3.05
Hereford to beat South Shields @ 4.70
Liverpool to beat Brighton @ 2.05

Cheers :)
Going through the remainder of the card at Wolves, I've followed your pick in the last too.

E.W singles and up

Miss Mach One
Some Nightmare
Casa Luna
Min Till

All at SP