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Boxing has always been my favourite sport , along with Martial Arts (done em since i was 7 (now 50 odd)).. and started doing write ups for some of the fights , enjoy doing em so thought i would post em up on here , dunno if theres any interest though

Boxing is a popular sport for betting, and there are many different types of bets that you can place on boxing matches. Here are some of the most common types of boxing bets:

  1. Fight winner: This is a simple bet where you bet on which boxer will win the fight.

  2. Round betting: In this type of bet, you predict which round the fight will end and the boxer who will win the fight in that round.

  3. Method of victory: This is where you bet on how the fight will be won, whether it's by knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), decision, or disqualification.

  4. Total rounds: In this type of bet, you predict the total number of rounds that will be played in the fight.

  5. Live betting: Live betting allows you to place bets during the fight, with the odds and markets constantly changing based on the current score and momentum of the fight.
When betting on boxing, it's important to do your research and consider factors such as the boxers' styles, records, past opponents, and other variables that could affect the outcome of the fight. Additionally, it's always important to bet responsibly and within your means.
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Saturday 1st April - Anthony Joshua v Jermaine Franklin

When this bout was first mentioned I was quite surprised to be honest , as it was said that the winner of the Whyte / Franklin fight would face AJ next , and as we all know Whyte won , so what happened there i dont really know to be honest .. and despite the fact that people are saying this is an easier fight for AJ , i dont know so much as for me Whyte looks done , whereas watching Franklin this could be a potential banana skin for AJ if he doesnt box to the best of his ability. Franklin (22 Fights - 21 Wins (14 KOs) - 1 Loss) comes into after losing last time to Dillian Whyte by decision .. and for me was unlucky not to walk away with the win as i think he done enough through the fight to win .. whilst as we all know Joshua (27 Fights - 24 Wins (22 KOs) - 3 Losses) lost to World Champion Oleksander Uysk in his last two fights. He done slightly better in the second fight but , for me , was still out boxed and out foxed by Uysk , who for me is the pound for pound best when it comes to boxing skills and ring IQ. And although he'll obviously find this easier than those last two bouts , he is still going to have to be careful as Franklin has decent skills , a solid jab and quick hands who throws fast solid combinations .. and he doesnt seem to mind mixing it although he hasnt got the same power as Joshua , also caught my eye that considering it was his first fight outside the States and he was in the main bout he didnt let it faze him , his attitude or his game plan. Joshua has a decent height and reach advantage which i'd expect him to utilise and if he comes into this fit and well then i would expect him to win it , but theres quite a few question marks , the main one being is he going to be mentally ready , i would assume so , but you never know altho i would think his new trainer , Derrick James , may well have worked on all aspects of Joshuas skillset. He has to win this one to stand any chance of challenging for the titles again so im gonna go with an AJ win , very probably by stoppage but i think Franklin should make a decent fight of it.

Anthony Joshua To Win
Saturday 8th April - Jesse Rodriquez v Cristian Gonzalez

Undefeated WBC Super flyweight title holder Jesse 'Bam' Rodriguez (17 Fights - 17 Wins (11 KOs) meets Cristian Gonzalez (16 Fights - 15 Wins (5 KOs) - 1 Loss) meet for the vacant flyweight title and to be honest i dont know what to expect with this one .. I know about Bam but i have to admit i dont know alot about Gonzalez , mainly because he's Mexican and he's been fighting pretty much unknown opponents for the entirety of his career thus far , so its hard to gauge whats gonna happen. The flyweight division is a bit of an enigma really as it can throw up fighters who have done nothing and beaten no one in their careers then suddenly bring off exceptional performances , but i dont know i dont think thats going to be the case here , Bam has defeated three big names in his last three fights .. Carlos Cuadras (UD) , Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (TKO) and lastly Israel Gonzalez (UD) , despite none of them being the force of old they're all good fighters , and Gonzalez in the last one was a particularly tough fight that saw Rodriguez dig deep. The best that Gonzalez has faced imho is the unbeaten Angel Ayala , who handed him his sole defeat to date , he lost that by split decision. So he's definatley no mug but i think Bam is gonna have to much for him , although as i say i dont know too much about Gonzalez so this could all go pear shaped tbh lol

Jesse Rodriguez To Win

Saturday 8th April - Shakur Stevenson v Shuichiro Yoshino

Shakur Stevenson (19 Fights - 19 Wins (9 KOs)) meets Yoshino (16 Fights - 16 Wins (12 KOs)) in this title eliminator to meet the winner of Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko (if that one actually goes ahead) . Stevenson is a former two weight world champion and is now trying to win world titles in a third weight category , but he has to get through Yoshino first. Which in all honesty i think he'll do , Stevenson is one of the best out there imho , hes a pure boxer , he has fast feet , and he drifts in and out of range tempting his opponents to throw then moves and counters , he has fast hands and his timing is impeccable i think. Yoshino is in for a difficult night if you ask me , especially as its his first foray outside of his native Japan. I think Yoshini is stepping up a level here , he hasnt faced anyone of Stevensons calibre before , probably his best opponent so far was either Ito or Nakatani , in his last two fights and both of whom he stopped. But he's going to have to step it up i think if hes to trouble Stevenson , out boxing him isnt going to happen so his best chance is a KO , which looking at his record could be possible but looking at the way Stevenson fights and how good a defence he ha si really cant see that happening. For me Stevenson wins this on the way to meet either Haney or Loma.

Shakur Stevenson To Win .. By Decision

Saturday April 8th - Jared Anderson v George Arias

Potentially a good heavyweight bout on the undercard of the Shakur Stevenson fight against Shuichiro Yoshino (write up for that one above) featuring two unbeaten fighters , so someones gonna lose their '0' ! Anderson (13 Fights - 13 Wins (13 KOs)) has been on the lips of alot of people for a while as a potential contender and you can see why considering the power he carries , all his fights have ended in stoppages and he hasnt been past the sixth round yet , in his last 5 fights he hasnt been past round 2 , and considering his last bout was against the durable Jerry Forrest , for the vacant WBO International HW title , thats quite something tbh. It should be noted as well that Anderson was at one time Tyson Furys main sparring partner so he'd of obviously learnt a thing or two from those experiences alone. Arias (18 Fights - 18 Wins (7 KOs)) has beaten two (previously unbeaten) prospects in his last two fights , Alante Green and Cassius Chaney , winning both by split decision. Whilst he doesnt have the power of his opponent , from what i have seen he can box and has head movement ala Mike Tyson (just doesnt possess the KO power of Iron Mike lol) .. obviously having more fights and ring time Arias is a little more experienced that Anderson , but i think hes gonna need all of that knowledge here if hes to get through this unscathed. Should be an interesting fight but its one where i can only see one outcome to be honest , Anderson has a height , reach and power advantage and i can only see another win for Jared Anderson and another win by stoppage.

Jared Anderson To Win .. By Stoppage

Saturday 8th April - Murodjon Akhmadaliev v Marlon Tapales

Potentially either of these boxers could be Inoue's future opponent given that Akhmadaliev (11 Fights - 11 Wins (8 KOs)) and Tapales (38 Fights - 35 Wins (18 KOs) - 3 Losses) meet for the WBA (Super) and IBF Super Welterweight titles .. Currently in the grasp of the unbeaten Akhmadaliev , winning them back in 2020 when he defeated Daniel Roman. Tapales , despite being only three years older than his opponent , is vastly more experienced in the pro's but Akhmadaliev has a good pedigree in the amateurs , (winning a bronze in the 2016 Olympics and a gold in the 2017 Asian Games as well as a silver in 2015 and a silver in the world amateurs in 2015) , but for all that i'd personally say that Akhmadaliev is the better boxer and carries more power although Tapales is no slouch i have to say , but i think hes gonna have to go some to wrest the titles away from Akhamadaliev to be honest. Tapales was last seen in May of last year when he dropped Jose Estrella in the second round , that was his third stoppage in a row , whilst Akhmadaliev was last in the ring a month later of the same year when he stopped Ronny Rios in the last round. They do have one opponent in common Ryosuke Iwasa , a decent enough boxer it has to be said , Tapales met him in 2019 and was stopped in the eleventh while Akhmadaliev fought him in 2021 and stopped him in the fifth round , as i said earlier Akhmadaliev definatley carries more power and throws alot of punches and i can see him out punching Tapales and out working him here. Should be a decent fight to watch but i think the current champ retains his titles.

Murodjon Akhmadaliev To Win
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:hissyfit Tapales beats Akhmadaliev
:thumb Rodriguez beats Gonzalez
:thumb Stevenson beats Yoshino (by stoppage tho not decision)
:thumb Anderson beats Arias by stoppage
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Saturday 15th April - Joe Joyce v Zhilei Zhang

Well Joe Joyce (15 Fights - 15 Wins (14 KOs)) returns to the ring in what could be quite a battle , his opponent is the heavy handed southpaw Zhilei Zhang (26 Fights - 24 Wins (19 KOs) - 1 Loss - 1 Draw). The Juggernaut comes into this after handing Joe Parker his first ever career stoppage , which says alot about Joyce's power , stamina and relentless style imo , whilst Zhang returns to action after suffering his first ever loss as a professional , against the well touted Filip Hrgovic , although the judges had it as a unanimous decision in favour of the Croatian i'm not so sure to be honest but its a matter of record now so we have to move on .. 'Big Bang' can certainly throw powerful punches and he doesnt mind trading , which makes for an entertaining fight for us i have to say , but he does look as though he struggles with pressure fighters and fighters who have good jaws , and thats exactly what The Juggernaut is .. a relentless , pressurising power puncher who just doesnt stop coming forward .. If he can avoid getting caught with too many big ones early doors i can see Joyce piling on the pressure round after round , and possibly stopping Zhang after the mid way point of the fight. As i said Zhang does seem to struggle with pressure fighters and he also has a tendency to gas towards the latter half of the fight , which against someone as relentless as Joyce could prove costly. I can see this be a good fight to watch with plenty of bombs thrown early on , and if Joyce can withstand the early storm , then i think he's just going to pile on the pressure and go after Zhang until he wilts.

Joe Joyce To Win .. By Stoppage (Rounds 8-10)
Saturday 22nd April -

Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov v Joe Cordina
Unbeaten Welshman Joe Cordina (15 Fights - 15 Wins (9 KOs) gets the chance to regain his IBF Super Featherweight Title he was stripped off due to injury , had to feel sorry for him for that i have to say , training for this same opponent in his first defence when suffering a hand injury (fracture) and he had to bow out the IBF stripped him of his title , given that so many champions (and i use the term loosely) dont defend and dont lose their titles i think that was a bit harsh to be honest. Anyway Cordina took the title from Kenichi Ogawa back in June of last year , stopping him in the second round. Due to his loss of the title the also unbeaten Rakhimov (18 Fights - 17 Wins (14 KOs) - 1 Draw) fought Brit Zelfa Barrett instead , for the belt , and stopped him in the 9th round. That was quite a battle as Barrett had Rakhimov down in the third but gradually got on top and had his opponent down twice in the ninth. This is gonna be a tough fight for Cordina , the fact the fight is in Wales with the crowd behind him will help , but Rakhimov is a tough cookie and has solid power in his punches so Cordina is going to have to be careful. I can see Rakhimov pursuing Cordina relentlessly in the very early rounds and if he can stay upright and focussed then i think Cordina can start getting on top from the mid rounds onwards .. i think his skillset is alot better than Rakhimovs , and he carries good power of his own. This is one of them fights that could go either way but i think the way Cordina lost the title will make him even more determined to regain the crown to be honest.

Joe Cordina To Win

Gervonta Davis v Ryan Garcia
And at last , this one is finally over the line and officially on .. and i'm really looking forward to it , as are numerous boxing fans , as this should be an explosive fight , as its been a long time coming ! Davis (28 Fights - 28 Wins (26 KOs)) stopped Hector Garcia in the 9th back In January of this year and you can tell by his record to date , he usually doesnt rely on the judges scorecards .. and neither does Garcia (23 Fights - 23 Wins (19 KOs)) who was last seen in July of last year when he put away Javier Fortuna in the sixth round. This one could well be down to who can take the other ones punches/power imho , neither have faced anyone who hits as hard as the other i think , but for me Davis has a slightly better resume than Garcia , having been up against slightly better opponents to date , i think the best one on Garcias resume is our own Luke Campbell who managed to drop Garcia in the second , but was later stopped by a devasting left hook to the body. That was the first time Garcia had been on the canvas , so it does show he can be dropped and hurt , but it also shows he has the grit and determination not to quit. For me 'Tank' (Davis) is the better boxer although i think Garcia is better than alot of people give him credit for tbh. I can see Davis using the first few rounds to try and work out Garcia and then exploiting any weaknesses he can see , but i can also see both attempting to knock the other out lol .. as Garcia has a height and reach advantage Davis is gonna have to use all his boxing acumen to close the distance and get inside , without getting caught. But as i said i think hes the better boxer and although its a hard one to call from everything i've seen of the pair to date i'm gonna go with Davis to win.


Saturday 6th May - Canelo Alvarez v John Ryder

This bout is taking place in Mexico , Alavarez' home country and it will be the first time he's fought there since 2011 so i'm expecting alot of support for the hometown boy here. I gotta say i'm in two minds whether i'm looking forward to this fight or not , John Ryder (37 Fights - 32 Wins (18 KOs) - 5 Losses) has totally earned the right to challenge Alvarez (62 Fights - 58 Wins (39 KOs) - 2 Losses - 2 Draws) for his undisputed belts and as a Brit i'd love to see him walk away with them , but for me Alavarez seems to be ducking other major contenders out there who i would really like to see him in the ring with. But it is what it is and hopefully it will be a cracking fight. Ryder is on a 4 bout winning streak , beating Zach Parker last time after he had to retire due to a wrist injury in the fifth round and won the WBO interim Super Middleweight Title , before that he put away Daniel Jacobs , Mike Guy and Jozef Jurko .. He lost to Callum Smith by UD when challenging for the WBA (Super) and The Ring Super Middleweight Titles , he did okay against Smith for a while but then Smith imposed his will and gained the upper hand , i think it was a closer fight than the judges called it but i do think on the day Smith won. Interestingly Smith then went onto fight Alvarez who dominated the fight and won by unanimous decision and took the titles. Alvarez beat Golovkin last time , but for me there was nothing in that fight , and was a pointless exercise tbh , before that he lost to Bivol who , for me , schooled Alvarez and came away with a well deserved UD. Alavarez has recently had surgery on his hand , so we'll have to see how that holds up , but i honestly cant see Ryder troubling the champion , hes a decent enough boxer and game as they come but i think Alvarez has far too much skill and ring savvy for the challenger. If Ryder is too come away with the win he is gonna have to play it smart use his speed and use his reach and height advantage to the max , he has pop in his punches and he is an excellent body puncher but Alavarez is adept at the waiting game , and he'll be patiently waiting for openings he can exploit. Its an interesting one , i can see Ryder causing Alavarez problems early doors but once he has his measure i think Alavarez will come out on top.

Canelo Alvarez To Win .. By Stoppage
:thumb Alvarez Won .. but by decision not stoppage , Ryder done well i thought and done better than the scorecards suggested i thought
Saturday 20th May -

Devin Haney v Vasiliy Lomachenko
And another great fight to look forward to .. two of the best boxers currently lacing up the gloves , definatley cant wait to see this one. Haney (29 Fights - 29 Wins (15 KOs)) is the current undisputed Lightweight champion and all the belts are on the line in this dust up , Lomachenko (19 Fights - 17 Wins (11 KOs) - 2 Losses) needs no introduction really does he ? Two time Olympic champion , won a belt in only his third pro fight etc .. and he will want to win this one as hes said many times he wants to be an undisputed champion and in all fairness , at 35 , this could well be his last chance of achieving that. But its not going to be easy , Haney is one of the best out there at the moment , he beat George Kambosis Jr by unanimous decision back in June 2022 , in front of a hostile Aussie crowd in Melbourne he outboxed and outpointed Kambosis Jr to snatch the belts away and become undisputed champ , he then went back to Australia in October '22 (re match clause) and basically done the same thing again , again winning by unanimous decision. Whilst Lomachenko comes into on the back of three decent wins after his surprise loss to Teofimo Lopez back in 2020. To be honest although he has those three wins under his belt , he didnt look as sharp or as fast as he did a few years ago , perhaps age is catching up with him , i dont know , but he 's a good enough boxer to compensate for that against lower tier opposition but against someone like Haney i'm not so sure. Haney has a big reach and height advantage which he will try to utilise to his best advantage , and a fearsome jab alongside very fast hands , which could all prove troublesome for Loma i think. Loma has great footwork and his ring IQ is second to none , he's a switch hitter which could bother Haney and he utilises unique angles to throw shots from whilst having a sound defence. Im expecting to see a technical bout , and maybe a bit tentative , but Loma is probably going to have to take chances if hes to walk away with the titles , and i think thats gonna play into Haneys gloves , whose patient and precise with his punches. Both fighters are going to have to be at their very best , and both are going to have to 'on point' and i'm gonna enjoy watching it , but for me , at the moment , i'm slightly favouring Haney , i would love to see Loma win as im a big fan of his , but on this one im gonna let my head rule my heart and say Haney retains the belts in a close fight.

Devin Haney to Win .. By Decision

Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron
Great fight for Katie Taylors (22 Fights - 22 Wins (6 KOs)) first bout in her native country .. against Northamptons Chantelle Cameron (17 Fights - 17 Wins (8 KOs)) for Camerons undisputed Super-Lightweight Titles , and it should be a real banger imo. Taylor is by far and away the better known of the two , but Cameron is one of the best female boxers out there i think , shes a two weight champion and shes a capable boxer who has decent ring skills and IQ , and should be a stern test for Taylor. I think most people will be expecting a walk over for Taylor but i'll be very surprised if this happens as she beat the decent Jess McCaskill last time to gain the titles , and she as game as they come , she has a height and reach advantage and she'll know how to use them. In all honesty this is a difficult one to weigh up if im being honest , either could win , but as Taylor is fighting on home soil for the first ime in her career im leaning towards her as the crowd will be 100% behind her and unless Cameron stops her i cant see her getting it in on the cards. So i'll go for Taylor to win , by decision , but its a close call

Katie Taylor To Win .. by Decision
Katie Taylor loses .. tho i did say it was a very close call between the two , Cameron won by decision

Haney Beats Lomachenko by decision :thumb
Saturday 27th May -

Luis Alberto Lopez v Michael Conlan
Mexican Luis Alberto Lopez (29 Fights - 27 Wins (15 KOs) - 2 Losses) travels to Belfast to face Irishman Michael Conlan (19 Fights - 18 Wins (9 KOs) - 1 Loss) to make his first defence of the IBF Featherweight title he won last December when beating Josh Warrington. Lopez deserved that last time out victory despite the close call of the judges , and you cant fault his attitude as this will be his third trip to these shores , winning the previous two .. Josh Warrington by MD and Isaac Lowe by KO .. so a case of have gloves will travel. Hasnt lost since 2019 when he was beaten by Reuben Villa for the vacant WBO International Featherweight title so comes into this full of confidence. Conlan gets a chance at a world title almost a year to the day he lost to Leigh Wood when challenging for the WBA (regular) Featherweight title , and he was on top when Wood produced a spectacular knock out that put Conlan through the ropes , this is his chance at redemption and i'm guessing he'll be totally switched on and focussed on the job in hand. Has had a couple of fights since then , beating Columbian three time world title challenger Miguel Marriaga by UD , and then he stopped Karim Guerfi in the first round in December of last year. So like his opponent i think he'll be full of confidence that he can wrest the crown from the reigning champ. This should be an entertaining bout , both bring decent skills to the ring , Conlan has a distinct reach and height advantage which i think he'll have to make good use of if hes to win this. He's also a switch hitter who can go from orthodox to southpaw , which some opponents dont like/cant handle although i have not seen any evidence that this will bother Lopez tbh. Lopez is adept at hitting his opponent from different angles and he hits hard , so Conlan is gonna have to be at his very best i think and whilst the home crowd will be cheering their boy on , which will help Conlan , i think, going by his two previous visits to the UK , this will just make Lopez box better , he seems to thrive on it. This is definatley a 50/50 fight imho , and it could go either way if im being honest but im slightly favouring Conlan who looked sublime in his picking apart of Guerfi but i think its gonna be difficult , as ive said Lopez hits you from awkward angles and has heavy hands but he does stand tall and holds his hands down which could allow Conlan to exploit these openings as he does have very fast hands and has a solid ring IQ and for me is the better boxer , and i can see him slowly picking his opponent apart and breaking him down as the fight goes on , but he is gonna have to remain totally switched on as Lopez is a tough cookie and will start fast and any lapse in concentration wont bode well. But for me , just , i think Conlan edges it and wins by decision.

Michael Conlan To Win ... By decision

Mauricio Lara v Leigh Wood
Follow up to their exciting bout earlier this year where Lara (29 Fights - 26 Wins (19 KOs) - 2 Losses - 1 Draw) stopped Wood (29 Fights - 26 Wins (16 KOs) - 3 Losses) in the seventh round , that was a stunning punch and tbh went against the grain of the fight as i think most people had Wood ahead on the cards going into that round .. was a bit contenscious as Woods trainer threw the towel in after he'd beaten the count but i personally think he did the right thing , as it probably saved him from some further punishment. I honestly dont know if Wood can do anything different to beat Lara , as like i said , he was outboxing him until the stoppage but he's gonna have to stay totally switched on and not let his guard down at all as Lara proved he only needs that one opening and bang , you're gone. I'd say this is probably going to go the same way , i can see Wood outboxing and outscoring the Mexican and in all probability trying to stop him but at some point in the fight he's gonna get caught , and i cant see anything but the same result tbh.

Mauricio Lara To Win .. By Stoppage
Both lost :grr .. like i said the Conlan and Lopez bout was a 50/50 affair , just got it wrong .. The Wood / Lara fight , well Lara losing the title on the scales and coming in overweight didnt help , wouldnt of picked him had i known before the write up , he looked sluggish and werent the same fighter we saw KO Wood previously , take nothing away from Wood though he boxed well and deserved the win
Saturday 3rd June - Clarissa Shields v Hanna Gabriels

Tasty looking bout between Clarissa Shields (13 Fights - 13 Wins (2 KOs)) and Hanna Gabriels (24 Fights - 21 Wins (12 KOs) - 2 Losses - 1 Draw) , and i think its gonna go the way of their first fight back in 2018 when Shields beat Gabriels by UD. Since the first fight their respective careers have taken totally different paths , Shields has kept busy and active and fought some of the best about , winning them all , whilst Gabriels has only had three fights since that 2018 bout , admittedly she has won them all but her ring inactivity is off putting if im being honest , and her opponents were mediocre at best imho , whereas Shields has fought the best out there and cleaned up the division .. I can only see a repeat of their first fight here , unless Gabriels can pull something spectacular out of the bag like a knockout , and whilst shes more than capable of stopping opponents (she did drop Shields in their first encounter , the only opponent to do so) i just think that Shields has to much ring smarts and skill about her to allow herself to get caught. As i say i can only see this going one way and that a Shields win.

Clarissa Shields To Win