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Eurovision Song Contest Betting 18th - 22nd May 2021

This songs like Marmite, I actually like it and think it has every chance to finish top 3 at around 5/2, not that I recommend touching it at those odds

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Not the worst I've heard by a long shot, I'll take that back as he's just started wailing b4 that I was just about to sat not a bad shout @ a place @500/1 but not anymore...

Milf of the year, no arguments about that.
If the song reaches top 10 then Moldova will go home happy.

very upbeat and full of energy, novelty song and will pull in the alternative vote.
can't believe it's 500/1, 28/1 for a top 10 finish @ bet365 could be the canniest bet of the night.

Another Scandinavian rock song, it seems this is what they are good at and to be fair rake in the votes from, It's not my cup of tea and I'm not going to knock it for as shite as it sounds because they have proved me wrong on numerous occasions in the past.

Middle of the road and very easy on the ears.
Don't see it being a winner but could well be top 10 material.
Has everything needed to do well in Eurovision this one, sounds dated to me but with Eastern Europe having a majority say in the vote could do very well.
With my reviews running out could and should be in the top 10.

This hurts my ears tell the truth, don't understand how this is top 4 in the betting.
Is it the Knees up Russian dancing tempo? I don't know although it will have a lot of Russian outside influence on the betting i imagine which is probably why it is where it is, lot's of Russian influencers out there. Should be nowhere near the favorites.

Trying to listen to this without Beanies original review in my head lol.
Taking that into account it's probably the best song I've heard tonight now we are down to the final.
It's good and so typically French, now i can see where Beanies coming from, best song so far tonight...

Turkish beat about it, bit of eye candy too.
Maybe a bit too repetitive but certainly not the worst I've heard tonight.

I love this, has great African beat about it.
Out of the betting at over 500/1 for the overall but I'll definitely shortlist this for a top 10
finish @ 14/1....

at 14/1 for a top ten finish this is my most positive bet so far.

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Thanks for all the info and reviews both of you. Im loving it and making more bets. Roll on tonight. Germany lol
Favourite in the betting!
Can't say it does anything for me but the visuals on screen will no doubt win a few votes.
Maybe it's because I'm a big queen fan and these wannabees don't come anywhere near.

pretty much middle of the road but I've heard a lot worse tonight, nothing special about it mind.
Wouln't like to risk any money on this one...

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San Marino:
Not a great song but it does grab your attention on stage.
The visuals on this could drag it into the top 10.....

So far I've taken France on the outright @ 3.75 and Netherlands @ 15 for a top 10 finish @ bet365.
No doubt I'll have a couple more bets b4 the final starts once I've slept on it.
Forgot to add, also had a sneaky couple of quid on the the Netherlands for the outright @ around 500/1, In the year of BLM and all that.
Forgot to add, also had a sneaky couple of quid on the the Netherlands for the outright @ around 500/1, In the year of BLM and all that.

Joined you on that one Slick. Think my betfair account is scared of the potential carnage tomorrow once I am a few beers deep.